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ACLU says Facebook allowed employers to post job ads that excluded women

The ACLU complaint argues that Facebook is not just a middleman for jobs, but acts as an employment agency and is therefore liable.

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How to ‘sell yourself’ in an interview without being an egomaniac

There's a fine line between under- and over-selling yourself to a potential employer and kill your chances of being considered for the job.

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Make your resume more like a blockbuster movie

So, how can you make your resume more tempting at first glance? Catch their interest from the first minute. We're here to help.

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This is how to answer ‘why should we hire you?’ (according to experts)

Directly tackling one of, by far, the most popular interview questions that comes up for a potential new hire and how you should be answering it.

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6 cover letter mistakes that might be ruining your career

With your cover letter, you are basically selling yourself. Having one that’s impressive is not an easy task to pull but most certainly worth it.

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These are the 15 cities with the most $100K+ jobs in September 2018

Ladders put together a list of the 15 cities hiring the most $100K+ jobs in September using data from its continuously updated database of high-paying jobs.

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3 ways to stay calm when you’re anxious about a big career opportunity

You truly deserve the new opportunity that's coming your way, but how you feel won't change until you actually start believing it.

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11 bad and outdated job-hunting tips you should stop believing

There are job search tips that you might still receive that are just ... bad. Some tips are simply outdated and need to be ignored.


Survey: 10% of Americans say they’ve ‘had their phone out’ during a job interview

While in the office, 25% of respondents admit they check their phone at least once every hour and 20% check every 20 minutes.


The biggest hiring challenges we’re all facing today, according to 15 hiring experts

We went and asked some seasoned hiring managers and recruiters what their thoughts are about today’s biggest hiring challenges.


Top recruiters dish 8 interview mistakes to avoid

Who better to ask the do's and don'ts of interview mistakes and the processthen the vice president and senior account manager of Career Group Companies.


Sick of your job? These companies will pay you to quit

The quit incentive sounds counterintuitive but it demonstrates that these companies are prioritizing commitment to the job over mindless output.

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15 companies in New York City this month hiring for $100K positions like crazy

Using data from its continuously updated database of jobs, Ladders compiled a list of the top 15 companies hiring for $100K jobs right now in New York.

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What to do when you’re fired: The 10-point plan

If you find yourself fired from your own loved or loathed job, here are 10 things you probably should do according to experts.

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13 online career courses you can do from the comfort of home

Here are 13 online career courses that may help get you on your way to more success while working remotely or from home.

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4 ways job searching is a whole lot like dating

Here are 4 specific ways job searching is like dating, along with how you can stand out during the hiring process using some of the same tactics.

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If you are reading this, you are already ahead

Like many people who invest a lot in their education, she assumed that literally every single other person looking for a new job is doing the same.

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These are the Top 15 companies hiring for $100K+ jobs in September 2018

To help you find what you are looking for, Ladders has put together this list of companies hiring for the highest paying jobs as of September 2018.


These are the most desirable jobs in 2018, according to Tinder swipes

Tinder relies on first impressions, and according to a new list, there are some careers that are more immediately desirable than others.

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Survey: This is the most common reason job seekers abandon applications

Ghosting employers is nothing new, but a new survey shows that the most popular reason why job seekers abandon applications is to accept another job.

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4 ways to help master the phone interview

Keep these principles of strong phone etiquette in mind for your next interview or pitch call, and you’re sure to give a polished, professional impression.

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What it’s really like to get a job at Google

A recruiter has contacted you and wants to chat with you about getting a job at Google. That’s right, Google. Could it really be?

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How to find – and make the most of – a recruiter or headhunter

We set out to find out exactly how to use (and make the most of) all-too-often underutilized resources – recruiters and headhunters.

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Survey: 67% of hiring managers say Facebook has ‘the most incriminating information’ on candidates

67% of hiring managers say Facebook is the social media platform with "the most incriminating information" about job candidates, followed by Twitter


The positions with the best (and worst) job security in America

Check out these rankings from 27/7 Wall St. to see if you currently work in a field with the best or worst job security in the country.