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Women in STEM more likely to drop out if they are only female in class

"Women pioneers were not only more likely not to finish their [STEM] degree in time, but they were also more likely not to get it at all."

Highest Paying Jobs

These are the 15 cities with the most $100K+ jobs in September 2018

Ladders put together a list of the 15 cities hiring the most $100K+ jobs in September using data from its continuously updated database of high-paying jobs.


The disconnect between Baby Boomers and Millennials when it comes to work ethic

Millennials have entered a professional world where their realities are wildly different from the ones Boomers knew. They prioritize things that don’t make sense to Boomers because their environment has different demands.


5 brands that will fix all your work wardrobe dilemmas for fall

There are a number of new lines (some that don't even have brick and mortar locations) that have incredible, quality-made options for the office.

Personal Finance

San Francisco is so expensive over 50% of tech workers say they can’t afford to start families

If you can't afford a house in San Francisco and the surrounding areas there is a good chance you can't afford to have children either.


The biggest hiring challenges we’re all facing today, according to 15 hiring experts

We went and asked some seasoned hiring managers and recruiters what their thoughts are about today’s biggest hiring challenges.


9 revealing job interview questions top CEOs ask – answered

If you're the one doing the interviewing of a potential employee — you might just find some great questions in here to use yourself.

Job Search

4 ways job searching is a whole lot like dating

Here are 4 specific ways job searching is like dating, along with how you can stand out during the hiring process using some of the same tactics.


The Top 10 travel destinations, according to Millennials

Nothing gives you FOMO more than scrolling through envy-inducing travel photos on Instagram. But the ‘gram also has some positive potential when it comes to travel: It’s a great tool to help you plan your next vacation and pick the perfect destination. And Earth, a millennial-focused travel media platform, recently released their list of the top 10 travel destinations for millennials.


Why this CEO actually supports the 5-day workweek

Forget the trend of shorter workweeks, this CEO doesn't feel like she has enough time to get through everything she needs to in five days.


6 things you should never wear on an airplane

Planning your super-cute airplane outfit to kick off your vacation on a fashionable note? Make sure to keep these no-nos in mind.


15 people share the worst advice they got when they were young

Sometimes the pearls of wisdom people dispense to us when we’re young and impressionable are misdirected, misinformed, or just plain bad – no matter how well-meaning the advisor. And sometimes that bad advice ends up being the most eye-opening of our lives.


The CEO of the fastest growing conference in the U.S. on how to find your whitespace

Though you would think Jaclyn Johnson, the woman behind Create & Cultivate, the fastest growing nationwide conference platform and online platform, would have a seamless career trajectory with nothing but praise, promotion and adoration, you would be quite wrong. No one has that.


Working for a company vs. working for yourself

There are major perks and downsides to both.


Here’s what a career sponsor is, and why you might want one

Even the best mentor may not help you get that promotion you’ve been dying for or a plum job at a different company. For that kind of help, you need someone else. You need a sponsor.


Influencing without authority—Using your 6 sources of influence

So while positional influence is something to aspire to, until you have it, remember that there are many other useful forms of influence that you could be taking greater advantage of.


Mapped: Millennials get paid much less than previous generations

Millennials are now the largest generation in the American labor force, accounting for well over half of all workers in the US. And with three different generations now in the workplace, employers have to consider pay differences between people of all ages. Our new map reveals how the difference in pay among Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers differs dramatically based on geographic location.

Personal Finance

Bumble is now going to help women get their businesses off the ground

Bumble has started the Bumble Fund led by Sarah Jones Simmer, Bumble Chief Operating Officer, and Bumble Senior Advisor, Sarah Kuns. With startups led and founded by women receiving only 2% of all venture capital last year, the Bumble founders saw a clear need to try to elevate these entrepreneurs.


In Japan, you can hire someone to quit for you

If you cannot summon the courage to meet with your boss face-to-face about your exit strategy, there's now one Japanese startup that seeks to address this anxiety and resign on your behalf.


How to effectively remove departmental jargon from your work communication

In today’s fast-paced, streamlined workplace, buzzwords permeate the landscape … value-add, deliverable, leverage, take it to the next level, it is what it is. And when you get deeper into workplace departments, the jargon gets even more confusing: internet of things, return on investment, total quality management, bleeding edge, capacity planning.


This Austrian city was just named the world’s most liveable city

If you’ve been thinking about abandoning your urban dwelling for greener pastures (and a better quality of life), it’s time to pack those bags and head for Central Europe.

Office Life

6 pros and cons of joining a co-working space

Self-employed bosses often turn to a co-working space, but there are pluses and minuses to replicating an office environment by renting a desk.


The founder of The Pomodoro Technique now has the perfect fix for inefficient meetings

The Pomodoro Technique was a game changer when it came into our world in the 1980s thanks to Francesco Cirillo.


9 shows to binge watch that may also help you with your career

There are plenty of great shows you can stream right now that will allow you to completely relax and also may serve you with a career lesson or two.


The worst dressed people in your office tend to have this name

The survey found that 30% were influenced by another coworker's style.